Monday, January 16, 2012

The Fancy Foods Show

Anna eats meat now! This is still weird to me.


How ridiculously cute are these cookies?!

Allegedly these are the hot trends in pastry for 2012

Love these thimbles that come in boxes of Japanese cookies

It's a drink shower!

Slap "Brooklyn" on your label and you have an instant best seller! Seriously, though, I really liked these Brooklyn Brine Co. pickles and the founder/maker of the pickles was super nice.

All of the pickles at the show made me think of the "We can pickle that" skit from last week's Season 2 opener of Portlandia. Have you scene it yet? If not, report to this video immediately. Also, in Googling the video clip I discovered that Portlandia created a way to "pickle" websites. Check out what my blog looks like pickled!

San Francisco, CA

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